Marcos Lies

Marcos Lies is a compilation of thirty-one research essays that discuss in detail the various lies that the Marcoses have either concocted or have done nothing to stifle, lies that aided them in pursuit of power and plunder. This book shows how the lies were crafted, who enabled the Marcoses to foster their falsity on their targeted audience or those who knew the truth but have chosen to be silent. Each chapter gives details on how institutions and individuals were corrupted by the Marcoses to ensure that the lies they have made would not easily unravel. If corruption fails, the Marcoses of the martial law years have no qualms in resorting to censorship and the silencing of contrary and critical voices. During the martial law years, the Marcoses had at their disposal the whole state apparatus for propaganda, ensuring that a Marcos lie would not only remain valorized and unchallenged but that it would be repeated in all mediums and avenues used for the dissemination of state information. Their lies were then documented. To prove the lies, the authors have relied on documentary sources, much of which remains untapped, ranging from recently digitized records in the custody of the Presidential Commission on Good Government to the mountain of Marcos apologia produced by the National Media Production Center during the 1970s up to the 1980s. Many of these underutilized sources have been digitized and have long been made freely available online by their custodians. Without access to university resources during the pandemic, the authors revisited these online archives for news reports and diplomatic cables, transcript of congressional investigations, and various fragments of data that when put together offer a clear view of the truth that the Marcoses have either hidden or twisted. A disproportionate amount of recent studies have focused more on the utilization of deception to help the Marcoses reclaim Malacanang than on their deceptiveness during the rule of Marcos Sr. This is also, unavoidably, among the concerns of this book. But in the writing of the articles comprising this volume, after being similarly animated by the fact-checking ethos of those in the media, the authors’ tendency has been to ask, “How far does this lie go? And for whom was the lie made?”  

Joel F. Ariate Jr., Miguel Paolo P. Reyes, and Larah Vinda Del Mundo

Table of Contents

Front Matter (pp. x-x)

Table of Contents (pp. x-x)

List of Figures (pp. x-x)

List of Appendixes (pp x-x)

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Foreword (pp. x-x)

Preface (pp. x-x)

Acknowledgements (pp. x-x)

Introduction (pp. x-x)

Part 1: Lying to the Top

Chapter 1 | Moral Turpitude and the Contempt of Court: Marcos and the 1935 Nalundasan Case (pp. x-x)

Chapter 2 | File No. 60 (pp. x-x)

Chapter 3 | The Woman Marcos Left Behind Fleeing EDSA Revolt (pp. x-x)

Chapter 4 | Ferdie and Meldy’s House of Love, Lies, and Loot (pp. x-x)

Chapter 5 | Duterte Does a Marcos ‘Show Me the Money Tactic’ (pp. x-x)

Chapter 6 | Marcos and the First Quarter Storm: Paranoia and Pretense (pp. x-x)

Chapter 7 | Marcos and the First Quarter Storm: Of Pillboxes and Firearms (pp. x-x)

Chapter 8 | How Marcos Kept His Martial Law Plans a Secret (pp. x-x)

Chapter 9 | Military’s Obsession with UP: Some Historical Notes (pp. x-x)

Chapter 10 | The Marcoses’ Glory Days (pp. x-x)

Part 2: Lying in State

Chapter 11 | Marcos Propaganda in a Time of Plague (pp. x-x)

Chapter 12 | Senator Imee Lies About RITM in Pushing for SB1407 (pp. x-x)

Chapter 13 | Should We Thank Imelda for ‘Rebuilding’ PGH? (pp. x-x)

Chapter 14 | Who Should the Filipino Workers Thank for the 13th Month Pay? (pp. x-x)

Chapter 15 | “Success” of Masaga 99 All in Imee’s Head (pp. x-x)

Chapter 16 | Unable to Reckon with Masaga 99’s Failed Ending, Imee Does Propaganda (pp. x-x)

Chapter 17 | The Documents on Bongbong Marcos’s University Education (pp. x-x)

Chapter 18 | Why Imee is Not a Graduate of UP College of Law (pp. x-x)

Chapter 19 | “Who is Your Hero” Survey that Angered Imelda Marcos (pp. x-x)

Chapter 20 | Of Forbidden Stories and Foreign Scrutiny: We Forum and the 1980 New York Times Story ‘The House of Marcos’ (pp. x-x)

Chapter 21 | How Marcos Suppressed the Truth About the Aquino Assassination (pp. x-x)

Part 3: Lie Low, Lie Back, Lie and Lie Again

Chapter 22 | Marcos’s Tricks to Hide Illness

Chapter 23 | Ferdinand Marcos Sr.’s Last Campaign

Chapter 24 | Marcos the Misogynist

Chapter 25 | Why is it Named the Ninoy Aquino International Airport?

Chapter 26 | The Marcoses: A History of Rejecting Election Defeats

Chapter 27 | The Duterte-Marcos Connection

Chapter 28 | All Hail and Glory to the Marcoses

Chapter 29 | Scammers Sell ‘Legacy’ to Poor Pinoys

Chapter 30 | The Bongbong and Imelda Deuterium Dud

Chapter 31 | ‘Ecstatic’ Loyalists Await their Share of the Marcos Wealth, but is it Fool’s Gold?