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Most Repeatedly Fact-Checked False Claim

The Marcoses have no ill-gotten wealth

From denials by the members of the Marcos family and their loyalists to conspiratorial posts gaining wide circulation mainly in social media platforms, claims rejecting the fact that the Marcoses have amassed ill-gotten wealth during Marcos Sr.’s dictatorial rule are ceaseless, and so have the efforts to fact-check such claims. The Marcoses and their loyalists have gone to ludicrous lengths to defend the Marcoses’ wealth, with some of their “inventive” supporters going so far as to say, of instance, that the Marcos wealth can somehow be traced back to Jose Rizal, who died more than two decades before Ferdinand Marcos Sr. was born. Fact-checkers repeatedly refute these with Sandiganbayan and Supreme Court decisions recognizing that the Marcoses did acquire their wealth through illegal means, and with the concrete value of the assets that the PCGG has been able to recover so far from the Marcoses and their cronies.

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